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How to Send a Fax to Spain

Updated February 21, 2017

For whatever reason, you need to get a contract, a resume or some informational materials to someone in Spain, and you need to get them there fast. Sending your items via fax is an easy and relatively inexpensive alternative to expensive phone conversations or overnighting important papers via postal service.

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  1. Turn on the fax machine. Check paper and ink supplies. Make sure it's hooked up to a phone line with international long distance service--or alternatively, buy a long-distance service phone card to use with a line that only has local service.

  2. Load the document or documents to be faxed, with a cover sheet, in Spanish, if possible. The person receiving the fax may or may not speak enough English to get your fax to the right person or department. Your cover sheet should explain what your fax concerns, and include a contact phone number, fax number and e-mail address.

  3. Dial the fax number desired. Be sure to include the "011" access code for Europe, the "34" country code for Spain and the Spanish fax number, which should be nine digits and begin with a "9." Numbers beginning with "6" are cell phone numbers in Spain.

  4. To use a long-distance phone card on a phone line without contracted long-distance service, first dial the numbers on the phone card and access the credit, then dial the Spanish fax number with the "011" access code for Europe, and the "34" country code for Spain.

  5. On your fax machine, go to the "Menu" button, request a fax report and make sure your fax with the correct number of pages was successfully sent to the correct Spanish fax number. If there are any discrepancies, resend.

  6. Tip

    Request a confirmation fax or e-mail confirming that the receiving party received your fax. If you don't get a response within a reasonable amount of time, resend.


    Don't forget about the time difference between your area and Spain. Spain is six hours ahead of the U.S. eastern time zone (EST). No one is likely to be around to receive your fax in the middle of the night.

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Things You'll Need

  • Phone line with long-distance service
  • Fax machine

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