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How to Remove Notes From Powerpoint

Updated March 23, 2017

When you create a PowerPoint presentation, it is useful to add notes to a slide in case there is something you want to mention while showing a slide during a presentation. If you want to remove a note from a slide or all notes from a presentation, it is easy to do so. You may want to remove notes if you plan to distribute a PowerPoint presentation to your colleagues.

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  1. Open the PowerPoint presentation you want to remove notes from.

  2. Click a slide from the "Slides" pane to the left of the screen to view a slide. When the slide opens, any notes that were added to the slide will show up in a pane beneath the slide. If the slide has no notes, the pane will say "Click to add notes."

  3. Click inside the "Notes" pane and highlight the note you want to remove. After you highlight the text, click "Delete."

  4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to check for and delete notes from other slides in your PowerPoint presentation.

  5. Open the PowerPoint presentation you want to remove notes from and click the Office button.

  6. Click "Prepare" when the Office menu opens and select "Inspect document" when the Prepare menu opens. You can delete all notes from a PowerPoint presentation here.

  7. Check the box next to "Presentation Notes" and click "Inspect." A message will open saying presentation notes were found.

  8. Click "Remove All" to delete all notes from your PowerPoint presentation. A message will open saying all notes were removed. Close the "Document Inspector" window to return to your presentation.

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