How to test my laptop's speed Images

There are a number of reasons you might want to test your laptop's speed. Maybe you'd like to see if some of the latest games will run on it, or you'd like to know why your laptop isn't performing up to your expectations. By using benchmarking software, you can perform several tests on your laptop to locate trouble areas or to see if your laptop is powerful enough to handle the applications you want to use. A few benchmarking software applications exist for those who wish to perform these tests.

Download PerformanceTest from PassMark Software. This application allows you to test your laptop on a variety of different levels, from processor speed to video card performance. You'll get a good idea of how powerful your laptop is using this software.

Install PCMark Vantage from Futuremark. This software helps you benchmark the laptop's speed, its ability to process 3D video and more. PCMark Vantage can also alert you of problem areas that are holding the laptop back from reaching peak performance.

Visit the NovaBench site, and download the free NovaBench software. You can test the laptop and see how much power you have as well as how the laptop's specifications and capabilities compare to others using the NovaBench software.

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