How to Connect My Comcast Motorola DCH3416 DVR to My HDTV

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The Motorola DCH3416 DVR offered by Comcast is a digital cable box that will allow you to watch high-definition programming, access On Demand video programming, record up to two standard definition or high-definition programs at the same time and allow you to browse through television channels using an on-screen guide. The Motorola DCH3416 DVR also features several different audio and video connection options for many different televisions. Although Comcast will typically install the Motorola DCH3416 DVR for you, you can easily hook up the device to your HDTV yourself.

Examine your particular HDTV's documentation to determine your audio and video connection options available to you. Alternatively, you can look at your television's rear connections and decide how you will connect your television to the Motorola DCH3416 DVR. For full 1080P HD picture quality, you must use a HDMI cable; component cable sets that consist of three RCA connections will produce a lower quality 1080i resolution.

Choose your audio connection preference for your HDTV. Digital audio optical cables produce better sound quality than using a typical pair of RCA audio cables. You will not need any additional audio cables when using an HDMI cable as the sound and video signals are transferred to your television using this connection type.

Connect the desired audio/video cables to the clearly marked connection points on your HDTV. Run the cables to the area where you will be installing the Motorola DCH3416 DVR. If you are installing the Motorola DCH3416 DVR inside a home theatre cabinet, make sure there is enough space around the unit to allow for proper cooling; do not place any components or items on top of the Motorola DCH3416 DVR, as this can cause the unit to overheat and possibly fail.

Connect your preferred audio/video cables running from the HDTV to the corresponding connection terminals on the Motorola DCH3416 DVR and position the unit inside your home theatre cabinet. Plug-in your Motorola DCH3416 DVR to a nearby electrical wall outlet and use your remote control to turn the unit on.

Switch on your television and select the appropriate input source used for the Motorola DCH3416 DVR, using your HDTV's settings menu. Refer to your particular HDTV's operation manual if you are not sure how to switch between input sources.

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