How to Build a Styrofoam Igloo

igloo image by Ewe Degiampietro from

You may have a holiday craft project in mind that involves creating an igloo, or a child that needs to create an i,gloo for a class assignment. With a few supplies, you can build a styrofoam igloo with a fair amount of ease. You will, however, need a clean work space where you can keep your igloo undisturbed and some time to allow for parts of the igloo to completely dry.

Cut off the bottom of a styrofoam ball with a sharp knife. The ball can be any size you want your igloo to be, but when you cut the bottom, it should allow the ball to sit flat on the base.

Make a rounded doorway on the ball with a marker.

Cut out the doorway and the styrofoam filling on the inside of the ball with your knife. Take your time with this step and be very careful using the knife.

Cut out a block of styrofoam from a square sheet. The block should be large enough for your igloo to stand on and to create any outdoor winter effects around the igloo that you desire.

Glue the bottom of the igloo to the styrofoam block.

Allow the glue to dry. It is best to use craft glue that dries clear.

Cut out small squares of styrofoam using your knife. These squares will be used to encircle the igloo's doorway. You can also cut out enough to completely cover the igloo if you would like to have a more detailed-looking finished project.

Attach the squares to the doorway and/or body of the igloo with craft glue, and allow the glue to dry. If you have a problem keeping the squares in place while the glue dries, you can use straight pins to attach the blocks to the ball frame, and then remove the pins once the glue has completely dried.

Attach shaved styrofoam, winter trees, people or deer to the styrofoam block outside of the igloo structure with glue to complete your winter scene, as desired.

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