How to save a music CD to your computer

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Many music compact discs (CDs) cannot be reproduced due to copyright laws. They can, however, be uploaded onto a personal computer for individual use. The process of uploading a music CD onto a computer takes a few steps and can be saved in a short amount of time. After you save the music CD to the computer, you can then download the disc onto a portable device, such as an MP3 player.

To save a music CD to a computer, the hard drive must have a compatible music reader that can store audio files. If the computer does not have one installed, download iTunes for free from the website.

Insert the desired music CD into the compact disc drive on the computer. iTunes should automatically prompt the option to upload the CD onto the reader. If it does not, go to "File" -> "New Playlist." On the bottom left-hand corner of the iTunes box, the playlist will be highlighted. Type in a name and open the playlist by clicking on it.

When the playlist opens, click on the icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. This will prompt the user to save the music into the playlist. The music will begin to upload.

After the music uploads, iTunes will search for compatible names for the tracks on the music CD. Occasionally, iTunes will not be able to recognise the songs from a compact disc. iTunes allows the user to type in the names of the songs if necessary.

To manually type in the song name, click on the track number on the playlist. Type in the name of the song. Click on the box next to the track and type in the name of the artist. The music is now saved on the computer and can be downloaded onto an MP3 player or iPod for portable use.

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