How to Create an Outline for a Family Tree on Microsoft Word

"Microsoft Word" comes with a staggering variety of options a user may use to create documents for practically any application. Creating an outline for a family tree can be created simply and quickly by using the "SmartArt" option in "Microsoft Word". All you need to do is select a graphics style and then fill in each appropriate box. The program will adjust the relationships in a hierarchy accordingly with the graphical output you chose.

Start "Microsoft Word."

Click the "Insert" tab.

Click "SmartArt" and then select "Hierarchy."

Select the graphical style in which you want to organise your family tree and press "OK."

Click the side menu next to the default image to open the outline format. This is a tab that has two arrows pointing in opposite directions.

Type the names of each couple on their own single bullet point.

If you want to create another line simply press "Enter."

To adjust a line's placement in the hierarchy use the "Tab" key to move the entry deeper into the tree. Adversely, to move a line higher up the tree hold the "Shift" key and then press "Tab."

Save your file periodically while you work on your outline.

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