How to copy music from PC to iPod touch

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Copy your music to your iPod Touch using Apple's free iTunes software. iTunes automates the process and allows you to organise your music library on your iPod Touch. iTunes allows you to add one song at a time, or entire folders of songs, with the click of your mouse.

Install the iTunes software on your computer. To do this, download the software from Follow the installation instructions to install the software to your computer.

Assign your iPod Touch to the iTunes software. To do this, plug your iPod Touch into your computer using the provided USB cable. iTunes opens automatically and prompts you to decide if you want to automatically sync your music, videos and photos. Click "Done," and iTunes attaches to your iPod Touch.

Add your music to your iPod Touch. Click "File" and either "Add File to Library" or "Add Folder to Library." Choose add file if you need to move one file at a time. iTunes can import files faster if you choose "Add folder" because iTunes will move all of the music in the folder at the same time.

Choose the file or folder you want to add from the pop-up menu and click "Select File/Folder." Once the files load into iTunes, it will sync with your iPod Touch, adding the files to the device. If iTunes does not automatically initiate the sync, click "File" and then "Sync Files on iPod Touch."

Leave your iPod Touch plugged into your computer until the sync finishes. Once iTunes finishes loading the music on you iPod Touch, eject the device by clicking on the small triangle to the right of the device name in the left-hand panel.

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