How to Decorate Small Cottages

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Decorating a small cottage may seem difficult, but when you know how to approach it the task becomes easy. Small cottages offer a wonderful environment in which you can create a warm, inviting atmosphere with the right colours, fabrics and other accessories. From lace-trimmed floral fabric to homespun quilts, you can make a small cottage a cosy retreat in no time at all.

Bring a touch of nature inside with a colour palette that reflects the shades you see outside. Blue, yellow, green and cream are soft, soothing colours that will make your cottage seem cosy. Go with muted colours.

Keep things to scale throughout the cottage. Don't decorate your small rooms sparsely, but your furniture needs to be in proportion to the size of your rooms. Stick with media units and armoires that are lean and have clean lines. Ironwork works well with this look because it is relatively small and enhances the cottage motif.

Select fabrics that reflect your style and keep things balanced. The cottage style is often romantic with lots of floral fabric and lace. If you choose a floral pattern for your window treatment, choose solid colours for walls and most of your fabric-covered furniture. Select pillows and throws to make a small room feel united in style without making it seem too busy.

Create intimate spaces with chairs or beds adorned with pillows and comfortable throws. Use lots of lace and ruffles in keeping with a cottage look.

Combine modern accessories with antiques to create a look that belongs to you. Add a special dimension to rooms with vintage glass vases filled with fresh flowers. Enhance your room's charm with crystal candleholders.

Be bold with your favourite pieces but temper boldness in a small cottage. Choose one bold item for each room to act as a focal point. This can be a painting, a distressed armoire or a hanging quilt. Use something you enjoy looking at and you can't go wrong.

Hang mirrors all through your cottage. Mirrors framed with distressed wood or ironwork make excellent choices for small rooms. The mirror reflects room space and the embellishment enhances the cottage style.

Use baskets and stylish boxes for storage as well as decoration. Baskets add a nice texture to your rooms and they can help you stay organised in small spaces. Keep clutter under control with decorative boxes.

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