How to Become a Driving Instructor in Australia

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Becoming a driving instructor in Australia can be an enjoyable and lucrative career move. Instructors must disseminate their knowledge and experience to beginning drivers and help them gain the competence and confidence to become fully qualified motorists themselves.

To become an instructor in Australia, you must apply for an instructor's driving license, after which you will be eligible to train beginning drivers. To apply for this license, you must first meet certain criteria, as well as show the necessary experience and competence behind the wheel.

Assess your eligibility. To become a driving instructor in Australia, you must be at least 21-years-old; have held a full, unrestricted license in the class of vehicle you want to teach for at least three continuous years; be able to pass a legal and traffic National Police Certificate; and be medically fit, including passing an eyesight test.

Some regions of Australia also require you to first pass a basic mathematics test before assessing a potential instructor's eligibility to become an instructor. This ensures that an instructor can offer accurate guidance to learners when considering fuel consumption and the elements of the various assessments that involve numbers.

Fill in an application form at a licensing centre. To fulfil the application process, you must be able to supply your full, unrestricted driving license (which is your primary identification), and you must also supply secondary identification, which should include your permanent, fixed address.

You will also be required to pass a theory test comprising 150 questions, and you must get 140 of them correct to pass. If you are applying to become a heavy vehicle instructor, you must take an additional 23-question exam, and pass 21 of the questions. Motorcycle instructors must pass a separate exam with 13 correct answers from a possible 15.

Finally, you must complete an application form and provide two references.

If you already hold an instructor's license from overseas, research under the Mutual Recognition Act whether it is legal to use it in Australia. If it is, you must still apply for a written notice of validity, and you cannot teach students until the authorities approve this notice and send it back to you.

Undergo a medical examination. Visit your doctor to have a medical examination, and have the results sent to the licensing centre. Within the medical examination there is a specific assessment of your eyesight. If you require spectacles or lenses to drive safely, then you are required to wear these every time you are driving a vehicle.

Pass two practical assessments after you have passed the medical exam to complete the second phase of the assessment. Please note, you must pay a fee when carrying out this stage of the licensing process.

The first examination is a practical, driving-based test to determine your own driving ability. The second, based in the vehicle, assesses a potential instructor's ability to teach and instruct students to an appropriate level.

Pay for and receive your license. If you have completed every stage of the assessment process successfully , the authorities will accept your application and send you an instructor's driving license. This license will be valid across the nation of Australia. Only after you receive this license do you become eligible to teach driving to students in Australia.

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