How to lay pine wood flooring on concrete

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Putting wood floor over concrete can make a room warmer, more beautiful and more inviting. Care must be taken to do the job properly so you don't end up with buckled floors or new problems to replace the old. Professionally finished, flat concrete floors can tolerate the pine planks glued directly to the surface.

However, if the concrete floor is wavy or uneven, the wood will not adhere properly. In that case, complete your flooring with furring strips.

Cut a pine plank to the length of one side of the room, or, if the room is wider than the length of the plank, lay a full length plank.

Spread flooring adhesive on the floor with a toothed mason's trowel. Be sure to go over the adhesive with the toothed side so that the adhesive sits in narrow rows with spaces between them.

Lay the plank down on the adhesive and press it down firmly.

When cutting planks to fit into the room, vary the location of the joints so that they don't all lay in a straight line and look awkward. A random joint configuration will look best.

Lay the furring strips along the length of the floor, 12 inches apart.

Drill holes through the furring strips and into the concrete using a hammer drill. Make the holes 12 inches apart along the length of the furring strips.

Lay a level along the strips and across the strips to determine if they are level. Where there are dips in the floor, place shims between the floor and the furring strips to make the top surface of the furring strips level.

Attach the furring strips to the concrete floor using a drill and masonry screws, after you have made the tops of all the furring strips level throughout the room. Avoid drilling directly through the shims as this may split them and cause them to move.

Attach the pine flooring to the furring strips by running a bead of flooring adhesive along the top of the furring strip. Nail and screw the pine plank down on top of the furring strips, laying the flooring perpendicular to the direction of the strips.