How to Activate an Enduring Power of Attorney

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Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) gives one person the power to manage another's financial affairs, including bank accounts and property, on his behalf. The "donor" signs the document and grants the "attorney," who can be anyone, this power.

The EPA may include limitations on when the Enduring Power of Attorney may be activated, for example, only if the donor is mentally incapacitated. Provided any such conditions have been met, activating it is a simple matter for the attorney.

Have the donor authorise you to activate your power of attorney with the financial institutions he has accounts with. If he is mentally incapacitated, proceed to Step 2 instead.

Register the EPA with the Office of the Public Guardian if a doctor has found that the donor is mentally incapacitated. Fill out the application and provide the original EPA or a certified copy. Relatives will be notified by the Solicitor during the process and a fee must be paid. The application process takes approximately five weeks.

Go to each bank or financial institution the donor had an account with. Provide them with the original EPA or certified copy. You can now give instructions on behalf of the donor to these institutions.