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How to Kill Flying Insects

Updated November 21, 2016

Flies, wasps, mosquitoes, gnats and a wide array of other flying insects are common human, pet and household pests. If not destroyed and removed from your property in a timely manner, flying insects can wreak havoc on your home, your health and the overall well-being of your pet. Learning how to kill flying insects, with the use of traps and aerosol insecticides, is essential if you want to live and play in an insect-free environment.

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  1. Hang sticky sheet traps in and around your home. Flying insects are attracted to sticky sheet traps and will land on the trap out of curiosity and die as a result. Hang the sticky sheet traps in your kitchen, in your garden and in areas where flying insects are most active. Throw the sticky sheet traps, containing the dead insects, into a secure garbage can.

  2. Spray an aerosol mist insecticide in your home. Aerosol mist sprays contain contact space insecticides that are designed to knock down and kill flying insects, according to the Michigan State University Extension. Spray the insecticide in the air in areas where flying insects are most active, for approximately five to 10 seconds. Keep the room closed for at least 15 minutes and ventilate well before re-entering. Sweep up the dead insects and place them in a secure garbage can.

  3. Use a fly swatter to kill any remaining insects present in your home. Flying insects are active throughout the day, yet some flying insects, like moths and beetles, are most active at night. Place the dead insects into a secure garbage can. Squirt a drop of liquid detergent onto a damp rag and clean all surfaces areas that came into contact with the dead insects.

  4. Tip

    Replace the sticky sheet traps on a regular basis and after every rainy day to ensure lasting success. If you want to kill flying insects while they're nesting or resting, spray a general aerosol insecticide spray onto the insects.


    Remove all open food sources, pets and children from your home before you spray the aerosol mist insecticide into your home to prevent contaminating your food and harming your children or pets.

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Things You'll Need

  • Sticky sheet traps
  • Aerosol mist insecticide
  • Fly swatter
  • Rag
  • Liquid detergent

About the Author

Brittany Tucker

Brittany Tucker began a freelance writing career in 2008. She specializes in home and garden topics, and her work has appeared on a variety of websites. Tucker studied English literature at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.

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