Instructions for Chicken Wire Sculptures

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Chicken wire sculpture is a broad art field that consists of many styles. Sculptures are most often created using the wire as a base, such as when creating topiary sculptures or Paper Mache.

Other metal art sculptures use a base material, like cardboard or plastic wrapped in chicken wire, until the wanted form is achieved. Chicken wire is just another name for lightweight metal fencing, but named due to its wide use for making chicken coops. It is sold inexpensively in 10-foot rolls, and can be cut to fit any individual project. In this case, the wire sculpture is the outer shell.

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Pencil sketch the outline of the proposed sculpture on cardboard and cut out with a box cutter. You may also use preformed cardboard rolls or containers.

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Wearing gloves, cut the appropriate amount of chicken wire for the project. Cut it large enough to completely cover the whole area of the sculpture. Several smaller sections can be cut in pieces for each area, if necessary.

Bend the chicken wire around the form, using your hands to mould it into the desired shape, this may take some time. At the ends, wrap another piece of chicken wire around the first piece, securing the pieces together by bending the edges.

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Continue to bend and mould the wire, adding additional pieces until you are content with the form. To attain a more solid-looking finished product, add pieces overlaying one another.

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Any loose ends of wire should be wrapped around existing sheets and, if there is no way to do that, cut them off completely to eliminate too many sharp edges.