How to make hand muffs

Your winter apparel and trench coat may not be enough to keep you warm during the winter season. Sometimes, you find yourself buying more accessories such as gloves, hats and scarves to fend off the cold weather. One of the most popular winter accessories is a hand muff. These hand warmers can be easily made with a few scraps of cloth and fleece. You do not need to go out and buy a hand muff; you can simply make one on your own.

Place a 15x18 inch piece of washable satin lining on top of a piece of 15x17 inch, 113gr. washable batting with its right side up. Pin the sides of the lining on the batting in its exact position. See to it that the lining extends ½ an inch past both ends of the batting.

Place a 15x18 inch piece of polar fleece on top of the lining with the right side down. Match the edges carefully. Keep an inch of space between each pin.

Thread a needle and back stitch the length of the muff, starting 1/2 an inch from the muff’s ends.

Remove all the pins after stitching the muff and turn it right side out. Place the muff on a table and pat it flat with your hands.

Fold your muff in half. The right sides of the lining should be facing each other inside your muff. Pin the sides of your lining together.

Stitch the edges of the lining to each other, without catching the fleece or batting. Remove the pins after you finish stitching the lining.

Stitch the sides of the batting together. Overlap the raw edges of the fleece and stitch its sides to the muff to finish making your hand warmer.

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