How to Put the Front License Plate on a Mercedes 320

The Mercedes 320 alludes to a number of vehicles Mercedes has sold. The W124, W140, W210, and C208 all have 320 versions. The 320 moniker usually denoted differences in engine chassis and, in the case of the W124, a convertible body.

But the process for putting on the front number plate is similar for all of these models. The front number plate is usually replaced after the vehicle is sold or transferred between states. Fortunately, putting on a front number plate takes just a few minutes.

Kneel in front of the section above the front bumper where the number plate goes.

Remove the current number plate if there is one. Otherwise, skip to the next step. Remove the current number plate by locating the four screws that are on the four corners of the plate that mount it to the grille or body of the vehicle. Lay these screws to the side.

Clean the area where the plate goes before installing the new number plate. This helps remove rust and debris that can cause rust, lengthening the lifespan of the bracket holes that accept the mounting screws. Dry the area once you've cleaned it.

Place the new number plate with one hand and with your other install one screw at a time. Give each a few turns and do not tighten them completely yet. Make sure the number plate is aligned correctly so that all the screws fit in their designated holes. Tighten them with the screwdriver so that the number plate sits evenly against the Mercedes.