How to Get Rid of Old Printers

There are many methods used to get rid of old printers, but not all of them are environmentally safe. Throwing your printer in the trash will only cause for more landfill waste.

However, recycling it will help ensure that the parts that are in usable condition will be reused and those that are not will turned into their original components and made into other products.

Contact the manufacture of your old printer, or contact the store that sold you the printer. Most manufactures and electronic stores will have recycling programs for their old electronics. Ask about their current programs and how you can participate in the program.

Remove all ink cartridges, papers and wires that are connected to your printer. Properly recycle or reuse the ink cartridges, paper and wires.

Send your old printer to the manufacturer or take the old printer to the store. The manufacture of the printer should be able to send you a prepaid label to place on the box. You will be responsible for the cost of the shipping materials. If you decide to take the printer to a store, the store may charge you a small fee for recycling the printer for you. Ask the store if they have a trade-in program. A trade-in program will help you avoid the small fee and give you a discount on a new printer.