How to set up an email group in outlook

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Outlook e-mail groups are commonly referred to as distribution lists. Distribution lists are used when you want to send an e-mail to a group of people. When you use the distribution list, this group of people will receive the same e-mail at the same time.

This saves time because the email is sent to a group instead of manually entering each e-mail address.

Make a distribution list in Microsoft Outlook by selecting "File" and "New" on the menu bar. Select "Distribution List." Type the name of your list in the "Name" section.

Add e-mail addresses from your contacts and address book by using the "Select Members" button. Add e-mail addresses that are not stored in your contacts and address book by using the "Add New" button.

Select "Save and Close" once you have added everyone you need in your distribution list. You can always edit the list later if you need to add more people or remove people. This list will now be accessible when you create new e-mails.

Create a new e-mail by clicking on the "Inbox" in the folder list and selecting "New" on the menu bar. Type the name of your distribution list in the "To" field. If Outlook recognises the distribution list, it will underline the name. If it doesn't, click on the "Check Names" button and Outlook will underline the name.