How to Make Homemade Wrestling Belts Images

Wrestling title belts are given to the winner of a wrestling match. These belts are usually designed with the name of the type of match, and the logo of the company that sponsored the match. They are used much like a trophy is in other competitions. If you want to host your own wrestling match, you can award the winner with a homemade wrestling belt. With a few items you can create a custom belt for the winner.

Wrap a string around the waist of the person who will be wearing the belt. Do this step before purchasing your items.

Measure the string. Add 6 inches to that length. This will be the length of the belt.

Cut the rubber to be 6 inches tall in the centre and 3 inches on each end.

Cut two strips of rubber. They should measure 5 inches long and 1 inch wide. These will be used for the belt buckle.

Apply glue to one inch of the 5-inch strip. Glue the strip down 4 inches away from one end of the belt. Place this down on the upper part of the back side of the belt.

Apply glue to 1 inch of the other end of the strip. Bring the strip around to the front and back around to the back. Glue it down to the lower part of the back side of the belt.

Repeat step 6 and 7, an inch away. You should be left with two strips on one end of the belt. There should be space between both of the strips and the front of the belt. You now have a buckle for the belt.

Cut a piece of poster board to fit the area that was cut in the centre of the belt.

Decorate the poster board to suit your needs.

Glue the poster board to the centre of the belt.

Add any other special touches that you choose.

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