How to Attach Sugar Paste Flowers to a Cake

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For hundreds of years, cake decorators have used sugar paste flowers to decorate their creations. Sugar paste, also called gum paste, is an ideal medium for cake decorations because decorators can roll it thin, mould it into realistic shapes and store their designs for years in airtight containers. You can use piping gel to attach flowers to the top of your cake, but wire will hold better, especially when placing a cascade of flowers down the side of your cake.

Place floral wire in the centres of your gum paste flowers while the gum paste still is pliable, then press the paste around the wire to hold it in place. Place the wire at the bottom end of your flowers to give the appearance of a natural stem. For smaller flowers, or flowers on the top of your cake, use 1 or 2 inches of wire. For larger, heavier flowers going on the sides of your cake, cut a few more inches of wire.

Wait for the flowers to dry.

Gather the stems of any flowers you want to group. Twist the wires together and bind them with floral tape. Leave single flowers unbound.

Stick the entire length of wire into your cake to make flowers stay in place and to keep the wire out of sight.

Fill a pastry bag with piping gel.

Squeeze piping gel onto your cake wherever you want a flower to stick.

Lightly press your flower onto the piping gel to hold it in place. Briefly emove pressure to test that the flower has adhered; if not, continue lightly pressing until the flower sticks.

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