How to recycle Sharp toner cartridges

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Sharp customers in the UK can recycle Sharp toner cartridges through eReco. The program allows customers to return copier, printer and fax toner cartridges as well as waste toner kits in a single or bulk shipment through a collection service. There is a charge of £34.50 +VAT per consignment.

Pack each Sharp toner cartridge individually in its original carton, individually or in bulk in plain cardboard boxes, or up to 10 cartridges in a Sharp bulk-shipping box. If you’re not using the original cartons including the original plastic bag packaging, enclose each cartridge completely in a plastic bag before packing to protect against toner spills during shipment. When finished, seal the cartons or boxes with clear box tape.

Click the "Book your collection here" link in the Toner Recycling page of the eReco site (see Resources). Fill out the online form on the Web page that opens, click the "Submit" button and then wait for an email.

Check your Inbox for an email from eReco giving you a date for the collection.

Make sure you are at home on the scheduled collection date.

Contact eReco via the contact information given in the email if you need to reschedule collection.

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