How to Create Raffle Tickets Online for Free

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Everybody loves raffles. Raffles are a great way to make any party or event a little more exciting. The next time you need raffle tickets for your event, try creating them for free online. A website called "Raffle Printer" will let you create and print your own raffle tickets using the design software on their website. You can even add custom text to your tickets, as well as upload photos.

Go to and download the ticket designer software. You must use Internet Explorer as your web browser to do this.

Click on the "Ticket" or "Cover" tab in the "designer" window. The Ticket tab is where you enter the ticket information. And the Cover tab is where you design the front of your ticket. You can switch between these tabs at any time while you are working.

Right click in the area on your ticket where you would like to add text, then click the "Text" button. Type your text. Use your mouse scroll wheel to increase or decrease the size of the text. Select a font style, effect and colour from the toolbar in the top right corner of the window.

Right click in an area on the ticket where you would like to insert an image and select "Add Image." Navigate to the image on your computer and upload it. Click and drag the image to position it.

Click on the "From Number" drop-down menu at the bottom of the window and select the starting number for the tickets. You should select "1" for your first book.

Click on the "Books" drop-down menu and select the number of books you want to print.

Click on the "Tickets/Book" drop-down menu and select the number of tickets per book.

Click on the "Printing" button. Leave "Print to File" checked and click "OK." When the print file has been created, click on "Open Print File." Right click anywhere in the new window and select "Print." In the print dialogue box, select your printer and click on the "Pages" check box to print in batches of pages. Enter the range of pages you want to print (e.g., 1 to 100) and click "Print."

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