How to Build Wooden Interior Shutters

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Wood interior shutters maintain the integrity of any window. They enhance a window’s beauty, provide style and offer light and temperature control, all while keeping a room clean and simple looking. Building shutters does not take much time if you start with a do-it-yourself kit or precut wood.

Measure the height of the window and subtract ¼ inch. This is the panel height. Subtract three inches to find the wand height. Make sure the pieces in your kit match these measurements.

Measure the width of the window and subtract ¼ inch. Divide this by four to figure the individual panel width. Subtract three inches to find the louvre width.

Insert the pegged louvres into the peg holes on the side panel frames.

Glue the top panel pieces to the side pieces.

Glue the centre wand to the louvres.

Attach magnetic catches to the top and bottom corners of the panels. If you lay the panels on the floor, this will be the corners where the right two panels meet and the corners where the left two panels meet. It may help to imagine how they will open. This is where the magnetic catches go.

Insert and tighten screws through the magnetic catches.

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