How to Stop Floorboards From Creaking

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Sometimes, old homes can have annoying traits. No matter how much you like the vintage appeal and rustic look of your hardwood floors, those floorboards may eventually creak when you walk on or near them. Floorboards can often creak loudly enough to be heard from a different room.

If the floorboards in a relatively high-traffic area are creaking, this can turn into an annoying problem quickly. Fortunately, there's a way to fix it.

Step onto your floorboards to determine exactly which ones are creaking. Step lightly and pay close attention to when you hear the creaking sound.

Lift up the creaking floorboards. Floorboards can usually be lifted by placing a crowbar between them and prying up the board. You may have to remove nails from the floorboards. Check that there are no pipes or cables underneath.

Sprinkle talcum powder between the joints that are in the floor. This will help alleviate the creaking.

Screw the floorboards back into place, using an electric screwdriver. This will keep them firm and help alleviate the creaking sound. The screws should be no longer than the nails you removed from the floorboards.