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How to Make Your Own Pet Loo

Updated February 21, 2017

Pet owners who work long hours or reside where there is frequent bad weather have a dilemma: how to get the dog to the potty on time. Creating a bathroom for your dog is not difficult with a few basic components and a little ingenuity. You can purchase a rather expensive pet loo from a pet shop, or you can make your own with a few items that are easily attainable at your local hardware store. A homemade "loo" is easy to construct and simple to clean.

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  1. Purchase a dripping pan, such as the kind that is used underneath a washing machine or refrigerator, or use a large plastic top from a utility box. Measure the pan and buy a piece of metal grating and artificial grass to accommodate the size of the pan -- but allow for error by cutting a bit extra. All items are available at hardware stores.

  2. Measure the metal grating to fit inside the dripping pan and cut to size using the metal cutter. Carefully place the grating inside the dripping pan.

  3. Measure the artificial grass to fit on top of the grating inside the dripping pan. Cut the grass using the utility knife, using caution as the knife could slip. Place the artificial grass on top of the metal grating and check that they fit securely inside the pan. If not, remove the grass and adjust the size accordingly.

  4. Remove the artificial grass and the metal grating from the pan and set aside. Sprinkle kitty litter inside the pan. Fill to approximately 1 inch.

  5. Replace the metal grating and the artificial grass. Choose a place for your "pet loo." Favourable locations might be the far corner of your garage or porch if your pet has access to these rooms. Also consider a bathroom, laundry room or mudroom. Avoid moving the loo after you have chosen a location so your pet will not become confused.

  6. Introduce your pet to her new bathroom and allow her time to grow accustomed to it. Begin by placing her on the loo when it is time to relieve herself. If she normally uses papers, try putting a soiled one on the loo, attracting her attention to the odour. Repeat these steps as necessary. Be patient. Your pet will soon catch on to the idea.

  7. Tip

    Wash the pan twice a week with bleach and soap. Mix a little baking soda in with the kitty litter for extra absorption and odour control. You can forgo the grating, but you will need to clean the potty daily if you do.


    Use caution while cutting the metal grating -- it is sharp. If you use a plastic top for your pan, it should be approximately 2 inches deep. Do not let your dog have access to the kitty litter because she may eat it.

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Things You'll Need

  • Large plastic pan (washing machine or refrigerator dripping pan, utility box cover, cat litter box)
  • Metal or plastic grating
  • Gloves
  • Measuring tape
  • Metal cutter
  • Utility knife
  • Artificial grass
  • Kitty litter

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