How to remove mold & mildew from LP records & their covers

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Mold is a serious problem when it comes to LP records and their covers. The most important consideration is to avoid damaging them further during the cleaning process. Fortunately, cleaning is a simple task when the right tools are available.

Wipe the record gently with a soft cloth to remove dust and dirt. Large pieces of dirt should be removed first to avoid damaging the record with small rocks or dirt.

Dilute the rubbing alcohol. For every one part of rubbing alcohol, put three to four parts of water. Use a rubbing alcohol that is around 70 per cent alcohol. If using a higher percentage alcohol, dilute it to five parts water.

Dip the record cleaning pad into the mixture and wring it out. Gently wipe down the record. Get into the grooves carefully to remove the mould. Avoid scratching the record. Rinse with plain water to remove the alcohol.

Dry the record with a soft cloth and check it for dirt, mould and mildew. Repeat the process if necessary.

Set the record aside and grab the cover. Look at the material of the cover before acting. Paper covers should not get wet. Any cover that is laminated or otherwise not made from paper can proceed to cleaning.

Dip the microfiber cloth into the same mixture of alcohol and water. Wring it out and wipe down the cover.

Dry the cover with a soft cloth and then set the record and the cover in an airy area to ensure all moisture is removed and dried.

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