How to Get Rid of Mites on Your Chili Plant

chilli pepper image by Riaan Coetzee from

Mites are tiny, whitish-grey insects that live on the underside of plant leaves and suck the juices out of the plant. Mites typically leave a thin, cobweb-like substance on the surface of the leaves. The appearance of these cobwebs is what first alerts most chilli plant owners that there is a problem. Along with the white mite, chilli plants located in dry regions of the country also experience infestations of red spider mites.

Spray the chilli plant with a garden hose to wash off as many of the mites as possible. Spray the bottoms of the chilli plant leaves, which is where most of the mites are located. Use a strong water spray, being careful not to break the plant stalks.

Get down on the ground and spray an insecticidal soap onto the bottom of the chilli plant leaves aiming directly for the visible mites. Continue until you have saturated the underside of all the leaves.

Stand up and spray the chilli plant from the top saturating the tops of the leaves, the stalk and any chilli peppers that are on the plant with the insecticidal soap.

Wait two days and examine the chilli plant for signs of new mites. If new mite activity is present, apply a second application of the insecticidal soap to all areas of the chilli plant.

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