How to Install a Door Threshold on Ceramic Tile

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Door thresholds play a vital role in protecting your home: They seal the gap between the door and the floor and create a slope that forces water to run away from the house. Ceramic tile provides a solid and durable base for a door threshold. If you use the correct tools and treat the tile with care, installing a door threshold on ceramic tile is a quick job.

Cut the door threshold to size. Measure the distance between the legs of the door jamb. Transfer the measurement to the door threshold and use the framing square to draw a straight line across the threshold. Place the threshold on a flat, stable surface, positioning the end that you will cut beyond the edge of the surface. Cut the threshold with the hacksaw. Keep your blade on the mark by cutting at a slow pace.

Lay out the position of the threshold. Place the cut threshold between the legs of the door jamb. The threshold must slope away from the interior of your home and be centred to create a weather-tight seal when the door is closed. Draw a line along the length of the threshold on both the interior and exterior.

Pick up the threshold and measure the distance of its screw holes from the sides and front or back. Mark these locations on the ceramic tiles using the lines you created in Step 2 as a frame of reference.

Drill holes through the tiles at each mark you made in Step 3, using a drill equipped with a tile drill bit. Drill only through tile and mortar, not through wooden subfloor materials. Use a brush or compressed air to remove debris.

Attach the threshold to the floor. Place the threshold between the door jamb, alighing it with the marks you made in Step 2. Place the threshold screws through the threshold and into the holes you drilled through the ceramic tile. Fasten the screws to the subfloor using a drill.

Place the level across the length of the threshold and check for level. Open and close the door to ensure clearance.

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