How to make a bow with a wire edged ribbon

Korovin/iStock/Getty Images

Making a bow with wire-edged ribbon has its benefits. The wire makes the bow more manageable and easier to manoeuvre. The wire also helps the bow maintain its shape for a longer period of time. The most common way to create a bow is the "the bunny ears bow." Two loops are created and crossed to create a beautiful bow.

Cut a 35 cm (14 inch) piece of ribbon from the spool. This measurement will create a medium-sized bow, perfect for a large gift, or as a decorative piece on a table edge. Use a very sharp pair of scissors to cut the ribbon.

Lay the ribbon down on a flat surface. Use a ruler to measure in 17.5 cm (7 inches) from one edge of the ribbon. This is the halfway point on the ribbon. Make a small pencil mark here.

Leave your ruler lying on the piece of ribbon. One end should be even with the edge of the ribbon, while the other end of the ruler stretches toward the middle of the ribbon. Measure from the outside in to the 8.75 cm (3 1/2 inch) mark. Make a small pencil mark here. Repeat the same task on the other end of the ribbon. You should have three marks on the ribbon when you have finished.

Make two loops at each end of wire ribbon. Use the two outside pencil marks to help you create loops an even distance apart. Sweep the ribbon up on either side of each mark and pinch together to create a loop. Check to see that the pencil marks are safely hidden inside the loops.

Bring the two loops together, and cross the bottom together to make a kind of "x" figure. This will create a new loop below where the loops cross. Check to see that the first pencil mark you made is inside that loop. The mark should be fairly centred on the loop.

Fold top loop down and through the last loop created. Pull tightly to create a beautiful bow. Reshape the wired ribbon to tidy up the bow.