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How to Erase Watermarks in SmartDraw

Updated February 21, 2017

SmartDraw is a visual processor that allows a user to quickly create presentation-quality visuals. For example, SmartDraw can help you create a flowchart, a timeline, or even a floor plan in minutes. SmartDraw provides a free trial version of its software, which allows a user full access to try out the different features. However, whenever an item is output from the trial version, the software places a watermark onto the file.

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  1. Buy a copy of SmartDraw.

  2. Start SmartDraw on your computer. Double click on the desktop icon or click on the "Start" button and then click on "All Programs," then "SmartDraw." For Windows Vista users, click on the "Windows" button instead of the "Start" Button.

  3. Open the SmartDraw document with the watermark. The paid version of SmartDraw removes the watermark from the document.

  4. Tip

    Save the watermark-free document by clicking on "Save As" from the toolbar. Type in a new name for your file, then click on "OK."

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