Roundup weed killer directions

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Roundup is an herbicide manufactured by Monsanto. Roundup is a non-selective herbicide that eliminates nearly any plant that it contacts. Monsanto offers many different varieties of Roundup for use in various applications. Select the Roundup formulation that is the best fit for your specific application to achieve optimal results. It is crucial to follow the directions for application properly to avoid causing damage to other plants in the area. Keep your garden looking its best by eliminating weed growth in every stage with Roundup solution.

Fill a pressure sprayer with a mixture of 88.7ml. of Roundup concentrated liquid for every gallon of water. An alternative measurement for cup measures is 3/8 cup of Roundup solution for every gallon of water. Label the measuring tool used for the Roundup solution clearly and set it aside to avoid using it for any other purpose.

Mix the solution well with a stick or other tool, then discard it or set it aside to avoid any contamination. Use the pump on the sprayer to build pressure in the system.

Spray the Roundup solution directly on the growing weeds. Coat the plants thoroughly for best results. If the solution reaches a plant you do not want to eliminate, rinse the leaves of the plant well with clean water before the 30-minute drying time is complete.

Avoid spraying Roundup on days when there is a risk of rain within 30 minutes of the application time. Roundup needs to dry thoroughly for 30 minutes to become rain-resistant.

Wait two weeks between applications. It can take up to 14 days for Roundup to eliminate a growing weed, though yellowing of the leaves should begin within 24 hours of application. Reapply if the plant is still growing and healthy after 14 days.

Store concentrated solution in a safe area away from extreme heat. Concentrated solution will store well for up to eight years. Diluted Roundup for treatment can be stored in the sprayer for up to six months. Rinse the sprayer thoroughly between uses.

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