How to Open a Pocket Watch

gold pocket watch image by Warren Millar from

The design and purpose of the pocket watch has not changed much over the years. First introduced in the 1600s, a pocket watch was originally owned by only very wealthy gentlemen. As the ability to make these watches improved, they became available in a wide variety of styles from elaborate engraved and filigreed gold to plain tin cases affordable to the common working man.

Inspect the case of the watch. You are looking for a tiny indentation on the rim of the watchcase.

Gently insert the edge of a thin, flathead jeweller's screwdriver into the indentation.

Carefully twist the screwdriver. The back of the pocket watch should pop open, revealing the mechanical workings inside. In some cases, a second back cover is under the outer slightly domed shaped cover.

Repeat this procedure if the watch has the second cover. This second cover is known as a dust cover.

Open the front glass cover of the watch by gently pressing on the crown, or top, of the watchcase. The glass front should pop open.

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