How to sell used memory

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If you are upgrading the RAM on your computer and have recently removed the older, used memory, you probably have no use for the discarded computer equipment. However, this does not mean you should just throw the hardware away. Instead, it is possible to sell the used memory and make some money back from the price of your new RAM. When selling the used memory there are several different options available for you.

Place your used memory up for auction on a website such as Here, other individuals are able to bid on your hardware and, if the produce is purchased, you send the memory to the winner of the auction once you receive the money.

Take the used memory to a local used computer facility. Here the company sells used computer equipment, including RAM.

Stop by a Goodwill store location. Many of these stores still computer equipment and are willing to purchase the RAM to upgrade the products they are selling.

Sell your parts online to websites such as and (see Resources). Here you may require an inquiry in regards to your equipment. Once you receive a return e-mail about the amount the equipment was purchased for, you can send the equipment to the company and receive a check in the mail once the website receives your RAM.

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