Baits for Rabbits That They Will Eat in a Trap

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Rabbits can look like cute and cuddly creatures, but to gardeners and farmers they are pests. They eat crops and plants and damage a garden's aesthetic value. They dig warrens underground that can damage a lawn and, in extreme circumstances, cause subsidence of the ground. Catching rabbits is not particularly difficult if you use the right bait in your trap. Start with the same things the rabbits have been eating from your land.


Leaves, berries and flowers off any plant in a garden or vegetable patch will work perfectly well as bait in a trap. Investigate plants in the garden to find out which ones the rabbits have been eating, so you can use their favourite foods in the traps. This type of bait is less effective during the spring and summer, when there is an abundance of food in any garden. Grow some indoors so you have edible plant life to bait the traps with during the autumn and winter. Remember to change the bait regularly, because rotting plant life is less effective as bait.

Vegetables and Fruit

Cabbage, lettuce, carrots and apples will all attract rabbits to a trap. Again the best choice is to look at what fruits and vegetables the rabbits have eaten and acquired a taste for. During the summer fresh fruit and vegetables should be used, but during the winter months dried and even canned versions will work as well. As with plants, it is important to make sure the vegetables and fruit do not rot in the trap.

Pet Food

Commercially made rabbit food can also be used to bait traps. This type of food will be unusual to wild rabbits and so may stand a better chance of attracting them into traps. Most commercially made rabbit food consists of seeds and dried vegetables, so these can also be used in a raw state.


Pouring apple cider in and around the trap also attracts rabbits. The strong sweet smell of the cider is tempting for rabbits. This is because apples are a very popular food for rabbits and the fermentation process makes the liquid detectable from farther away.

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