How to Decorate a Long, Narrow Family Room

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Decorating a long, narrow family room can pose a design dilemma, but with a clever layout, even the most challenging room can become a family’s sanctuary. A long, narrow room benefits from a simple design that appeals to aesthetic without sacrificing function. With a little effort and ingenuity, anyone can create a comfortable family room in a long, narrow space.

Draw a scale layout of the room. Place the furniture that needs to go into the room inside the layout. Play with the arrangement until you are satisfied. Be wary of clustering your furniture together.

Find the focal point of the room on your layout. This may be a fireplace, view, large window or the TV. If your family room doesn’t have a focal point, create your own. A small coffee table and rug in front of the sofa is the easiest way to create a main focal point. Try creative solutions, like a flat-screen TV or a painting on the most prominent wall.

Create “zones” on your layout. If your family room is especially long, you might consider creating “zones.” This means sectioning off portions of the room for different functions. It is easy to do this with a tall table or sofas. Accenting each “zone” with similar colours can bring unity back to the room after the “zones” are set.

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Paint the walls. In a long, narrow room, all the walls should be painted the same colour. Lighter colours such as creams, yellows and light greens will give the illusion of a larger room. Be aware that darker colours will make the room appear smaller.

Arrange furniture according to your layout. Make minor adjustments along the way. Start by arranging at your focal point.

Accessorise the room. Find an accent colour that can be used throughout the room, but don’t oversaturate. Accent colours work well in throw pillows, vases, wall hangings, flowers and picture frames.

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