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How to Find a Photobooth

The photo booth has been an American cultural icon for decades. Dotting summer boardwalks, county fairgrounds and shopping malls, photo booths allow American teenagers, lovers and tourists alike to snap instantaneous photo strips. While many of the nostalgic booths have disappeared as personal digital cameras become widespread, photo booth rentals are available from coast to coast for corporate photo shoots and party rentals.

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Visit (see Reference) the most comprehensive photo booth resource and locator. Selecte the Search and Browse tools to find a photo booth in your state or in another country. Click an entry to view the address of the booth, a description of the venue, map links and the price per strip.

Search Google Maps (see Resource) to find restaurants and bars with photo booths inside. Insert the words “photo booth” and “near” and your exact address into the Search Maps box.

Locate a recognised photo booth provider with guaranteed quality equipment through the International Photobooth Association (see Reference). Browse the Members Locations for recognised members, which are required to own at least two Photoworks Interactive Model 12 digital photo booths, the highest-quality digital booth. Rentals and sales are available through the members.


In most cases, you will have greater luck finding a photo booth in a city or metropolitan area then in a rural one. For example, searches for a photo booth in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles net far more successful results than locations outside metro areas.

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