How to mount a swing chair to a ceiling

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A swing chair can be hung from an indoor ceiling to add an interesting piece of furniture to a room. A swing chair adds a peaceful place for a rest with the relaxing motion of a swing. If not mounted properly, the swing chair can full and result in injuries, damage to the chair and damage to the surrounding furniture.

Locate a joist in the ceiling with a stud finder in the area where the swing chair will be hung. A joist can also be located by tapping the ceiling gently with a hammer until you hear a solid, rather than hollow, sound. If using the tapping method to locate a joist, tap a small finishing nail into the ceiling to locate both edges of the joist.

Mark the location for the edges of the joist with a pencil.

Measure the width of the joist and divide by two.

Draw a mark on the ceiling for the ceiling hook by using the result from the last step and measuring from either side edge of the joist.

Insert a 1/8-inch drill bit into a drill. Drill a hole into the centre of the joist at the location of the mark made in the last step.

Insert a large ceiling hook into the predrilled hole and turn clockwise. When the hook is too tight to turn by hand, place a screwdriver horizontally in the hook and use the leverage of the screwdriver to turn the hook until all of the threads are beyond the ceiling and in the joist.

Hang the swing chair on the hook by the hook or rope of the swing chair.

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