How to Make Facial Hair Grow Thicker

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Thick facial hair is often a symbol of ruggedness and masculinity that many women will find attractive. Not everyone can grow a full beard, as factors like genetics and hormones play a significant role; for some men, hair grows in spotty and a moustache or goatee must suffice.

Helping a beard grow in thicker requires a healthy diet, plenty of rest and a reduction in stress. Certain vitamins and minerals can also help with hair thickness. You must also resist the urge to trim or shave a beard when it is growing in as it gets quite itchy.

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Eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of protein-rich foods. These include fish, eggs and beans. Vegetables and fruits also play a big part in overall health and wellness as facial hair's condition is directly related to how healthy you are.

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Get plenty of rest and take steps to reduce the stress in your life such as exercising or meditation. Seven to eight hours of sleep a night is imperative to overall health, including health of hair. Clinicians at the Belgravia Centre in England say lack of sleep and too much stress can play a significant role in hair loss.

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Incorporate certain minerals and vitamins into your diet that can promote hair growth and health. Vitamins B6, C and E help maintain hair health and beta carotene, nettle, and flaxseed oil are also helpful. Horsetail is an herb that keeps hair looking full and strong while 2.5 mg of the dietary supplement biotin also promotes hair growth and thickness.

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Grow in your beard and resist the urge to trim it while it is growing out as different hairs grow at different rates on your face. This will take about four weeks and a period of itching will occur during this time. The beginning of vacations and long weekends are excellent times to start growing a beard.

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Trim hair around the cheeks and neck after beard has grown out. If beard is patchy, consider a moustache or a goatee. Continue to take supplements and maintain a healthy lifestyle for optimal hair growth and thickness.