How to measure for voile curtains

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If you want to let sunshine into a dark room without leaving a window completely uncovered, voile curtains are the way to go. Voile material is made out of a sheer cotton, and because the material is semi-transparent it is recommended that you use voile curtains in a room that doesn't require 100 per cent privacy.

Ensure that you have a retractable tape measure and not a cloth tape measure, because a cloth tape measure will not yield accurate measurements.

Obtain the width that is needed for the voile curtains. Measure from one side of the window's border to the other side of the border. This measurement is taken using the edges that are around the window. If you already have a curtain rod in place, you can obtain width simply by measuring from one side of the curtain rod to the other side.

Write down the width in metres and centimetres.

Obtain the length that is needed for your voile curtains. Place the tape measure at the top outer edge of the window, not the window sill. Extend the tape measure downwards past the bottom edge of the window. Continue measuring downwards until you have reached the desired length for the curtain. You can go long with your voile curtains or go short, it's all a matter of personal preference.

Write down the length in metres and centimetres.

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