How to Install Vinyl Fascia Board and Soffit

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Vinyl fascia and soffit cover the exposed area of your home's eaves and fascia board. Sealing the eaves eliminates the need to paint exposed rafters and roofing underlayment. In addition, reduced moisture on a fascia board covered with a vinyl fascia cap reduces subsequent rotting of the fascia board. Vinyl fascia caps and soffits are easy to install by the average homeowner.

Align a level with the bottom of the fascia board with the other end against the house. Make a mark at the top of the level. Repeat every 3 ½ feet along the fascia.

Position an F-receiver against the house with the flat part of the receiver up. Align the top of the channel with the marks made on the house. Nail the piece into position through the holes on the flat part of the F-receiver.

Measure the distance from the wall to the bottom of the soffit. Subtract one-quarter inch. Use this measurement to cut the soffit panels with tin snips.

Place one side of the soffit into the F-receiver. Align the other side on the bottom of the fascia board, flush with the outside edge to allow the soffit to expand in the F-receiver, with exterior finishing nails. Use this process for installing the remaining soffit.

Measure the width of the fascia board from the bottom of the board, including the installed soffit, to the roof. Subtract one-quarter inch. Use this measurement to trim the top of the vinyl fascia cap with a pair of tin snips.

Replace the snap lock holes with a snap lock punch at 6-inch intervals with the raised tab on the outside of the fascia cap.

Install undersill trim with roofing nails against the roof line on the top of the fascia board with the channel opening facing down.

Press the top of the fascia cap into the undersill trim and snap into position.

Pre-drill finishing nail holes at 2-foot intervals along the underside of the fascia cap up through the soffit and into the fascia board with a 1/16-inch drill bit. Insert a finishing nail at each location.

Create corner pieces by trimming 2 inches of the bottom ledge off the installed piece of fascia cap. Wrap the edge around to the other side and cover with the next piece of fascia cap. Face nail with trim nails and add caulk to the tops of the nails as well as the seam.

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