How to make a dried fruit wreath

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Dried fruit can add a decorative and aromatic touch to your home. You can make your own dried fruit wreath with a few craft supplies and a little patience. Hang the dried fruit wreath in your kitchen or use it as a candle ring. Select dried fruit slices that are roughly the same length to make the wreath. Add cinnamon sticks, small pine cones, beads, ribbon and a variety of other embellishments to make a wreath that fits the decor in your room.

Cut a length of 22-gauge craft wire equal to the desired circumference of your wreath, plus 5 cm (2 inches), so you can make a hook to connect one end of the wreath with the other.

Hold the wire 2.5 cm (1 inch) from one end with a pair of round nose pliers. Turn the pliers to shape the end of the wire into a hook.

Insert the straight end of the wire through the centre of three to five dried fruit slices. Begin with the apples, oranges or some other type of sliced dried fruit that is similar in size.

Slide the dried fruit slices along the length of the wire to the hook at the opposite end. Slide one glass bead to rest against the dried fruit. The beads add sparkle to the wreath; use dried cherries or raisins as separators, if you prefer.

Insert the straight end of the wire through the centre of three to five different dried fruit slices. If you already have oranges on the wire, spear dried apples this time. The number of slices is not relevant; keep the width of each dried fruit section the same. Add a bead behind the dried fruit.

Continue to fill the length of the wire by alternating dried fruit slices separated by the glass beads. Stop adding fruit when you have 2.5 cm (1 inch) of wire open.

Make a hook in the open wire. Manoeuvre the wire into a circle so that the hooks can connect. Press the hooks closed with round nose pliers.

Cut a 25 cm (10 inch) strand of raffia. Slide the raffia halfway through one of the beads. Tie a knot in the raffia as it exits the bead. Tie the ends of the raffia together in a knot. Hang the wreath by the raffia.

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