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How to Make Large Pom Poms

Updated November 22, 2016

You can attach pom poms to hats, gloves, bags and scarves. Because pom poms are simple to make you can make your own using any yarn you want and in any size you want. To make large pom poms you’ll need larger pieces of cardboard and more yarn, but once you get started you can make even a large pom in a matter of minutes.

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  1. Draw out two circles each with a 4-inch radius (8-inch diameter) with the compass. Change your compass to 1/2-inch radius and draw a circle in the centre of each of your 8-inch circles.

  2. Cut out each of your large circles. Cut out the centre circles from the large circles by cutting an opening approximately an inch wide into the large circles so your cardboard pieces end up looking like two C-shaped pieces.

  3. Cut a length of yarn 8 inches long to be your connecting yarn. Lay the yarn down on top of one of the pieces of cardboard and curve it so it runs along the centre of the C shape with the ends of the yarn hanging out the opening of the C shape.

  4. Lay the other piece of cardboard over the connecting yarn and first piece of cardboard. Add a piece of tape to each side of the openings to hold the connecting yarn ends in place and pair the two pieces of cardboard together.

  5. Loop yarn around the C shape starting on one end and working toward the other until the entire C is covered in yarn. The more layers or loops of yarn you make the denser the pom will be.

  6. Hold onto the ends of your connecting yarn and bring them as close together as possible in the centre of the C. Slip your scissors between the two pieces of cardboard and cut the loops of yarn along the outer edges of the C all the way across until all of the yarn loops are cut.

  7. Remove the cardboard and bring the ends of your connecting yarn together. Tie the connecting yarn tightly to hold all of the pieces of yarn in place. Fluff the pom to give it an even fullness all around and trim away any stray ends which look longer than the others or stick out, including the tails of your connecting yarn.

  8. Tip

    To make a multicoloured pom, loop an entire layer of yarn around the cardboard followed by additional layers in other colours. Use as many different colours as you want.

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Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard
  • Drawing compass
  • Scissors
  • Yarn
  • Tape

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