How to become an authorised Apple dealer

Claudio Villa/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Apple offers companies that resell hardware and software, including Apple products, the ability to apply to become an authorised Apple reseller. An authorised Apple reseller is able to sell to consumers and small and medium businesses, but cannot sell on the Internet.

Read the Apple Channel Program summary on the Apple website to see if you meet the requirements for the programme. Some of these restrictions include meeting a minimum annual purchase requirement, having an account with an authorised Apple distributor and being able to provide at least two references from clients, industry professionals or vendors.

Create electronic copies of your business registration, general liability insurance certificate and photos of sales locations for the application. If you have a company logo or tax exemption certificate, prepare electronic copies of those for the application. You may submit PDFs, JPEGs, TIFs, PNGs or GIFs. For documents not in digital form, you have the option of using a scanner or having the documents scanned to a disk at a print shop.

Contact a minimum of two and a maximum of three business clients, industry professionals or vendors who are willing to act as references for your business.

Go to the Authorised Apple Reseller application page. Indicate in the check box that you have the authority to provide the information in the application and that your answers are truthful.

Enter the requested information in the application form. Upload interior and exterior images of the retail locations. Upload the electronic versions of your business documents.

Verify that all of the information in your application and edit sections as needed. Submit the application to Apple.