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How to Steam Clean a Car Interior

Updated February 21, 2017

Your car upholstery needs to be cleaned just as the furniture in your home does. Road salt during cold winter months, food residue and dirt are just some of the elements that can dull the interior appearance of your car. Using a car vacuum is not always effective in removing all of the build-up. Stay away from excess amounts of liquid during the cleaning process, because this can lead to mildew growth. A steamer is a medium that uses little moisture but is highly effective in cleaning the car interior.

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  1. Fill the steam cleaner with water. Pour in 1 tsp washing powder and 1 tsp white vinegar per quart of water used. The detergent cleans the carpeting and upholstery, while the vinegar deodorises and disinfects.

  2. Turn on your steam cleaner and allow the unit to heat up for about three minutes or so.

  3. Remove the hose attachment of the steam cleaner and begin rubbing over your car upholstery. Also clean carpeting and any fabricated side door panels. Continue until the entire car interior is cleaned to your liking and allow to air dry for a few hours.

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Things You'll Need

  • Washing powder
  • Vinegar

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