How to Build Your Own Spy Kit

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Get your kids to use their imagination by making them a spy kit. With a spy kit, they can go on pretend missions and explore the world while they learn deductive skills and science. Spy kits are simple to put together, and if you use items from around your home will cost you nothing. If you don't have a few of the items, purchase them from a second-hand store. Spy kits are not gender-specific toys. Both boys and girls enjoy lugging around briefcases filled with secret equipment.

Create invisible ink by peeling the label off of a small, empty bottle of bubbles. Wash and dry the bottle. Write “invisible ink” on the bottle and fill it with lemon juice. Tape several Q-tips around the bottle. The Q-tips are the writing utensils.

Colour the lenses of swim goggles to create X-ray and laser eyewear. Colour the laser goggles red and the X-ray goggles blue.

Purchase a small black book. Turn to the middle of the book and write a simple code. For example, write the alphabet on the paper. Beside that, begin writing the alphabet from the end to the beginning. You would write, a = z, b = y, c = x, and so on until you have written the entire code. To use the code to write the word “boy,” the spy would write “ylb.”

Fill a briefcase with invisible ink, spy glasses, a code book, a notebook, pens, a disposable camera, magnifying glass, flashlight and plastic handcuffs.

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