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How to make an Easy Bake Oven

Updated February 21, 2017

While most kitchen appliances may be too dangerous to allow a child to operate without supervision, Hasbro's Easy Bake Oven uses the power of a simple light bulb to cook. You can create your own light bulb oven in a few steps. Your child will be able to make tasty treats for friends and family and the experience may inspire a love to cooking that lasts a lifetime.

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Lay the box on its side, so that the door of the box opens upwards and towards you.

Cut the oven stripping into four pieces the same length and width of the top of the box. The oven stripping you should use is commercial food appliance grade rubber sealing stripping. This is the same kind of rubber stripping used on household appliances. You can find this in an appliance repair store.

Glue the stripping to the inside edges of the box door using the epoxy, so the door of the box has a continuous line of stripping around the inside. This is going to be the door of the oven. You need to insulate it to keep in the heat, the same way household ovens have insulation on their doors.

Choose where to drill the hole for the light fixture. The top of the box is a good place for even cooking, but putting the bulb in the back of the box will make it look more like a home appliance.

Use the circular cutting attachment on the drill to drill a hole in the box in which to put the light fixture.

Place the light fixture into the hole with the threaded part down into the box. Use the epoxy to fix this into place.

Screw the light bulb into the light fixture. It is important to use a 100 watt 1720 lumen clear white bulb. “Long-life” or “extended-life” bulbs do not put out enough heat to cook.

Paint or use stickers to decorate the exterior of your light bulb oven.

Turn on your oven by plugging it in. Unplug your oven to turn it off.


Use baking materials that will fit into the box you have chosen. Use pans that have a diameter that is smaller than the length and width of your oven.


The light bulb can get very hot, care should be taken when using the oven.

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Things You'll Need

  • Box with a hinged door
  • Commercial oven stripping
  • Scissors
  • High temperature-tolerant epoxy
  • Light fixture capable for fitting a 100-watt bulb
  • 100-watt ,1720-lumens clear white bulb
  • Drill
  • Circular cutting attachment for the drill (needs to be same diameter as the light fixture)
  • Paint
  • Stickers

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