How to Make a Flamingo Out of Clay

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You can make small clay figurines such as flamingos out of polymer clay in your own home. Polymer clay is designed to be safe to use in a regular oven, as long as you do not attempt to cook any food items along with the clay sculptures. Make a bright pink flamingo figurine out of polymer clay to be propped up next to an indoor or outdoor potted plant and see if your guests notice the small creature.

Preheat oven to 135 degrees Celsius.

Roll a piece of the clay block into an oval to form the flamingo's body. Make two identical smaller ovals for the wings. Flatten the wing ovals with the palm of your hand and attach to either side of the body oval.

Roll a piece of pink clay into a short rope to serve as the flamingo's neck. Roll a small ball of pink clay to be the head and a smaller ball to form part of the beak. Attach the smaller ball to the centre of the larger ball.

Attach the neck to the front of the oval body, let the rope loop in a collapsed "S" shape back onto itself. Attach the head to the other end of the rope. It will look as though the flamingo is sitting with its head tucked in a resting position.

Form the rest of the beak by rolling a small rope of white clay half the width of the small ball attached to the head and long enough to drape along the length of the small ball. Attach the white rope along the small ball, starting from where it protrudes from the head. At the base of the white rope, attach a small, pointed oval of black clay to form the bottom point of the beak.

Add details by rolling two tiny flecks of black clay into balls and attaching to the head as eyes. Use a pin to draw a line along the side of the beak where it would open in two halves. Use the pin to draw "U" shapes on the body and wings to represent feathers.

Place finished resting flamingo on a baking tray and place in the preheated oven to bake for 20 minutes. Allow to cool completely before removing the figurine from the sheet.

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