DIY Hemp Rope Sandals

hemp grey string image by Maria Brzostowska from

Hemp rope is an interesting material you can use to make many projects at home, including sandals. Not only is hemp organic and environmentally friendly, sandals made from this material are fashionable, inexpensive, and easy to create. Sandals that you make yourself will be perfectly customised to your foot size, and you can make any necessary adjustments in minutes. A few simple materials is all you need to create your own hemp sandals that will surely turn a few heads.

Place the cork tile on the floor or ground, but be sure it is a flat surface. Trace the outline of your foot. Using sharp scissors, cut it out. Lay the cut-out foot-shaped cork on top of another full piece of cork tile. Trace and cut out a second identical piece.

Lay your foot on top of one of the cut pieces of cork tile. Use a nail to make a small mark in between your big toe and your second toe.

Push the nail all the way through the cork tile in the spot where you just made the mark. Remove the nail. Thread the ends of two long pieces of hemp rope through the hole at the same time.

Thread the two pieces of hemp rope through a thin metal washer on the underside of the sandal. Tie two knots below the washer so that the rope won't be able to come back through the washer and the hole in the cork. Cut the rope at the bottom of the knot.

Decide how far back you want the straps to go. A good place is right below your ankles. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with these two pieces of hemp rope that are currently connected in the between-the-toes spot.

Lay your sandal on top of the second cork tile cutout. Determine where the knots lay and dig out a 1/4-inch deep hole to accommodate the knots. Use your scissors (or a box cutter) to dig out these holes. Completing this step will make for a more comfortable, even sandal.

Cover your second cork tile cutout with hot glue, as well as in the holes, and attach it to the bottom of the sandal. You can do this multiple times if you like, with more pieces of cork tile, for extra sole comfort.

Use a staple gun to secure the cork tile down in places that may need reinforcement. Be careful to staple from the top down, so sharp staples don't go into your foot from the bottom up and cause injury.

Measure and cut a piece (or a few pieces) of hemp rope that will fit around the perimeter of your sandal. Use hot glue to attach it around the outer sole of your sandal. This will provide a neater look, rather than just having the glued edges of the cork soles visible.

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