How to make a witch's hat out of cardboard

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Children pretend and adults smile indulgently. But play is serious for children. Play gives children the opportunity to try out lots of personalities, and they can choose to be both good characters and bad. As parents, teachers and carers, adults provide the props children need for this serious play.

The witch's hat is one of the more popular props for children who want to play the villain.

Roll one sheet of black cardboard into a cone. Tape the end to secure the cone.

Trim the bottom of the cone flat. Try the cone on the child's head to make sure it fits. Trim the cone a little deeper to make the hat smaller, or re-roll the cone looser to make the cone larger.

Place the wide part of the cone in the centre of the second piece of cardboard. Trace around the cone.

Draw a larger circle around the smaller circle.

Cut out the large circle. Poke the scissors through the centre of the smaller circle. Cut the smaller circle out of the larger one.

Tape the bottom of the cone to the edge of the centre circle