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How to Fix Internet Explorer Script Errors With Freeware

Updated February 21, 2017

Internet Explorer (IE) script errors often occur when script execution software cannot decipher or understand the meaning of a certain command in a script. A script error message then displays when IE stops responding. This error message may also appear when your adware removal program or your antivirus program detects adware or spyware in the browser. To fix these errors, download freeware that addresses Internet Explorer script errors. Freeware is software that is available free to the user.

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  1. Select IE debugging freeware of your choice. Popular freeware programs for addressing IE script errors include Script Error Killer, IE Rescuer and ErrorKiller Registry (see Resources).

  2. Download the freeware from the web page. Click “Download” and choose to run the program right away or save the executable file to your desktop.

  3. Double-click the executable file from the saved location you specified. Follow the onscreen installation steps.

  4. Run your script error killer software the next time an IE script error occurs to remove the error.

  5. Tip

    Run a registry cleaner to clean and maintain your computer registry and minimise script errors.

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